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About Us

CJ Iannuzzi3SQFT Inc. was founded by CJ Iannuzzi in 1989 to be an inspired, out-of-the-box, forward thinking design firm offering custom cabinetry, creative constancy and a contractor's license.  Since its inception 3SQFT has become a respected name in its industry with a strong presence in South Florida, New York and California.

Clients of 3SQST have included A-list celebrities, lawyers, bankers, housewife’s, basically everyone from the famous to the infamous have endorsed CJ for his attention to detail, inspired design concepts and knowledge of his craft. Be it a hidden safe room or even panic room, a large addition to an existing property, a complete rebuild, build from the ground up or just an hourly consultation on where to place design elements, CJ has undertaken these projects and won the admiration of a return clientele and referral network.

There is a mansion on Star Island in Miami Beach that 3SQFT rebuilt for a customer in the early 90s when it was sold ten years later the seller referred the buyer to us and we did the rebuild on that same property once again, Thats a success in my book. States Iannuzzi, who continues, Maintaining the integrity of original design in a functioning state-of-the-art environment is often paramount to clients who own or purchase older properties. 3SQFT will come up with the solutions to meet those requirements. Sometimes its as simple as plumbing, electrical, appliances and fixtures.  Other times its finding ways of creating additional storage using innovative techniques, one of my favorite tricks.

3SQFT has provided its professional services for commercial, residential and nautical properties and is available throughout North America for services and worldwide for consultation.